You Need To Start Using Vinegar As A Cleaner!

You have probably heard that vinegar is the perfect cleaner and disinfectant, right? Over the past couple of years, using natural ingredients has become popular and vinegar is the number one cleaning product everyone recommends. Of course, I put it to the test and started cleaning my home using vinegar for around a year and I must say – I will never buy a commercial cleaner anymore!

These cleaning hacks I have listed in this article have completely changed my life and I am sure they will change yours as well! Not only will you have a spotless home but you will also save a lot of money!

Use It As An All-Purpose Cleaner

I use vinegar as my all-purpose cleaner. It cleans, remove bad odours, and has antibacterial properties.

All I do is mix the vinegar with my favourite essential oil – lavender which also has antibacletial properties. I pour the mixture in a spray bottle and use it whenever I clean.

Use It To Clean Your Appliances

More specifically – your washing machine and dishwasher.

To clean my dishwasher, I add a cup of vinegar in the dishwasher and run an empty hot cycle.

To clean my washing machine, I pour a cup of vinegar where I normally place the laundry detergent and run an empty hot cycle.

These cleaning hacks will maintain your appliances disinfected, clean, and free of any impurities. You can use them once a month!

Use It To Remove Scratches From Wooden Furniture

Yes, you can use vinegar to remove scratches from wooden furniture – you don’t need to sand it out.

Simply mix one part of vinegar with three parts of olive oil, dampen a cloth with the mixture, and start wiping the affected areas.

Use It To Clean Your Toilet

I perform one of the most hated cleaning chores by using vinegar.

I simply pour the vinegar in my toilet, let it sit for a few minutes then flush.

Use It To Make A Powerful Cleaner

You can clean your bathroom, kitchen, and even your floors by following this simple yet effective recipe:

  • Prepare distilled white vinegar, a lemon, and water
  • Mix one part of the vinegar with two parts of water and the juice of a lemon
  • Pour it in a spray bottle and use it when needed.

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