Why are McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines Always Broken

It’s absolutely terrible when you go to McDonald’s and the only thing you want at the moment is to grab a McFlurry – and it always seems like you can’t.

You have most likely noticed that each time you try to get ice cream the machine is broken. But do you know that this actually isn’t true? Very rarely will the machine be actually broken – in most cases the McDonald’s employees are lying to the customers.

Why are they doing this?

The machines take very long to be cleaned and it’s not the easiest of tasks. Seriously, they can take up to four hours to get sanitized and this needs to be done every single day.

When they are in the process of being cleaned – these four hours that I am talking about, they can’t be used. A lot of the times employees are busy with customers so they don’t have the time to pay attention to the ice cream machines and actually clean them.

So yes, lying to the customers and saying that the machines are broken is a lot easier than saying they are lazy.

McDonald’s management said that they will replace each machine so that their maintenance will be a lot easier and not that time-consuming but this is a process that still hasn’t been completed.

Something that an employee shared on Reddit was that she worked in McDonald’s for a year and a half and the machine was actually broken only once.

We can all hope that the new machines will be replaced faster so that whoever wants a McFlurry can enjoy it and not be left disappointed.

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