Want to make your own floor cleaner? Here is the best DIY recipe on the internet!

In my home I don’t have any carpets – it’s all hardwood flooring which to be quite honest is way easier to maintain clean.

A long time ago I had carpeted floors but I decided that they trap way too much dirt, dust, and all sorts of impurities. I was spending money left and right for different commercial cleaners, cleaning companies, and etc. Also, I was always worried that I would spill something and would make stains which are hard to remove. That is why I decided to switch to hardwood flooring and I am so glad I did that!

I also completely switched my cleaning routine. I used to buy different commercial cleaners which I would dilute in water and will mop, however, I was never fully satisfied by the outcome. That is when I decided I would start making my own cleaner. I have tried out many different recipes until I found this one – now, it’s all I use (and my vacuum cleaner, of course)!

How to make it!

You need a teaspoon of castile soap, 4 cups of water, 10 drops of your favourite essential oil, and a spray bottle!

I mix everything in a big spray bottle and shake well before use!

Since hardwood floors do not like water I avoid using too much of the cleaner because otherwise, the floor will soak up the water which can cause damage. I spray small areas at a time and clean them then I move to the next.

You would also need a dry microfiber mop (I don’t dampen my mop in water before cleaning). After spraying a certain area of the floor with my cleaner I wipe it with the mop. And I repeat that until I have covered every area of my hardwood floors!

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