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Get rid of those allergens – by cleaning

allergens cleaningThe only way to ensure that your household is an allergen-free zone is to never make compromises with your regular home cleaning duties. There are three areas in your home that you have to pay special attention to in order to avoid allergen invasion. They are:

1) Kitchen

All garbage is to be stored in a garbage can and regularly disposed of. An easy way for prevention is to never forget to turn on the exhaust fan above the stove when you are cooking, so that any fumes are absorbed. Make sure that the fan’s filters are in good condition. The fridge is another spot in your kitchen where allergens in the form of molds are formed. At least once a week you should carefully clean the fridge and never let any moisture stay in it.

2) Bedroom

There are bedbug and dust mite covers you can use in order to protect your bed and pillows. All bed sheets and blankets are to be cleaned in hot water at least once a week –thus the bugs and bacteria stand no chance. Carpets in the bedroom, as well as in any other area in your home, are not advised, since carpet cleaning is a laborious job. It would be much better to replace your carpets with hardwood floors. If you insist on keeping the carpet in your bedroom, you should vacuum it as often as possible.

3) Bathroom

Do not think for even a second about keeping carpets or any sort of rugs in your bathroom. Vinyl and tile are the best flooring solutions for this particular place in your home. Any fabrics you might have in the bathroom are to be carefully washed in hot water at least once a week – just like the bed sheets and blankets in the bedroom, so that bacteria and allergens that start forming in them are removed. Mold resistant shower liner is a must in every bathroom, but even if you have one, make sure to use a cleaning product that prevents mold formation every time you take a shower. The last thing you should do here is to check often under the sink and the toilet for mold on the plumbing fixture. If there is any – clean it.

Of course, if you do not have the time or the energy to do all those house cleaning tasks on your own, check who your local professional cleaners are and give them a call.

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The way to de-clutter your household

houshold cleaningClutter is the greatest enemy to the comfort in your home. For that reason you should find a way to fight it constantly and efficiently. It is not that hard. Just like home cleaning, all that de-cluttering takes is some discipline (or a good professional cleaning company that you can count on to regularly do the job for you in case you would rather save yourself the strain).

As we have already had the chance to say, the key to efficient de-cluttering is to do it often. If you want to have a clean and tidy home, do not wait for the last minute to start cleaning or arranging the objects in it. Make a habit to clean on spot spills when they occur, and whenever you use some item – an appliance, or a book, or the TV’s remote, just put it back to its right place when you are finished with it.

Another thing you can do which will help you in the battle with clutter is when you go about your business at home, put one thing in its right place while you are moving. Don’t look for the object in question – grab the first you see out of place.

Unnecessary items are the basic cause for clutter in one’s home. Do not wait for the big-time Spring cleaning in order to get rid of them. Collect bills that are already paid, magazines and newspapers you have already read and throw them away once in a week or so. When summer approaches, store yours and your family’s winter clothes in a place where they will not be in the way. You get the picture. Now the only thing left is to start doing it. Making a habit is the best way to efficient de-cluttering.

You can also get your kids to help you. Make the whole endeavor a game – give them 20 minutes to put as many items in your home in their right places, and then award them. After a while, they are going to start doing that without any form of stimulation.

The last thing you can do in order to further accommodate your de-cluttering experience is to combine it with regular home cleaning. Clean your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and general areas in accordance to a schedule you follow strictly and you are going to notice that clutter somehow magically disappears. Does it sound easy and hassle-free? That’s because it actually is.

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