How To Spring Clean When You Don’t Have A Lot Of Time

Spring cleaning means deep cleaning the entire house top to bottom which usually requires a lot of time. But we all live such busy lifestyles and we barely have the free time to devote to spring cleaning, right? However, this does not mean that we should skip it and never deep clean our homes. In fact, this is so important for our health and well-being that we need to figure out how to fit it into our schedule.

I myself am extremely busy but I still manage to find the time to spring clean my home – and here are all my secrets!

How To Manage Spring Cleaning When You Are Busy

– You Don’t Need To Do Everything In One Day

This is something I figured out last year when I exhausted myself so much that I got sick because of it. I was so busy that the only free time I had was when I was supposed to sleep – so I pulled an all-nighter in order to manage deep cleaning the entire home. The next day I was so exhausted and I couldn’t focus on my responsibilities.

This is exactly why you need to remember that you don’t need to do everything in one day. That is right – you can deep clean your home throughout the week by focusing on certain small tasks each day.

For example, I divide all the deep cleaning tasks I have. Monday I focus on deep cleaning my appliances, Tuesday I focus on deep cleaning my bathroom, etc.

– Finish One Task Before Moving To The Next One

Don’t be all over the place – mopping the floors one minute than wiping the counters the next before you have even finished the first task. Instead, complete one task then move on to the next one.

I know that deep cleaning your home looks like so much work but you don’t need to overwhelm yourself by multitasking – there is time for everything!

– Call For Help

If you don’t live alone than there is no excuse for the other members of the family to not help you. Things will get done so much faster when more than one person is checking things off of your cleaning list.

If you have a spouse – let them help you. If you have a kid – tell them to do smaller and easier tasks like wiping the dust.

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