How To Remove Grease From Kitchen Appliances?

The most difficult area of your home for cleaning has to be the kitchen, right? I know how hard it used to be for me to deep clean my kitchen. And only because of all the grease… If your appliances are covered in grease then you are most likely postponing cleaning them because you simply do not know how to do it. You have tried using different commercial cleaners yet you still had a hard time because you had to scrub for hours – and the grease still wouldn’t be removed all the way.

Well, it turns out that there is such an easy way to remove grease and deep clean your kitchen appliances – and it’s hidden in your kitchen cupboard. Yes, you need one household ingredient that I am certain you have that will completely transform your kitchen. And that ingredient is baking soda.

Yes, baking soda is extremely powerful in removing stains and bad odours. It’s also great in absorbing liquids as well as loosening grease.

In order to give this cleaning method a try, prepare your baking soda and a cloth. Dampen the cloth with water then sprinkle baking soda on it. Then it’s time to start scrubbing.

You can also use vinegar if you notice grease that is way too stubborn. Spray vinegar on the area then scrubs with the baking soda. That fizzing reaction is going to loosen up the grease making it easier to wipe after.

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