How To Easily Clean Slate Floors?

Slate floors can usually be found in kitchens since it’s durable and looks really beautiful. It’s a bit more expensive than other typical floors but it’s worth the price because the maintenance is super easy. In fact, you don’t even need any cleaners or detergents – the only thing you need is warm water and a high-quality microfiber mop!

How To Easily Clean Slate Floors?

First, I want to start off with what to avoid doing:

– Using acidic cleaners (like vinegar)

Acidic cleaners like vinegar will damage the stone so make sure you stay away from it. If you find any DIY recipe on the internet for floor cleaners and you see that it contains vinegar – do not do it, it’s not worth it!

– Using scrub brushes

Another thing you need to avoid is using scrub brushes because they will scratch your expensive floors. All you need is a mop or a microfiber cloth!

Now, let’s start cleaning. Vacuum your slate floors. That way you will remove most of the dirt, dust, and other impurities.

Next, simply fill a bucket with warm water grab your microfiber mop… and that’s literally everything you need!

If you feel like just water won’t be enough and you want to use a cleaner make sure you buy one that is designed for natural stones. Remember – stay away from acidic cleaners containing lemon, vinegar, bleach, etc.

If you want, you can also add a bit of rubbing alcohol in the bucket where you poured the warm water in. Rubbing alcohol is safe to be used on natural stones and it’s a great way to disinfect your flooring!

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