Here is how to clean your paint rollers

Had some renovations done lately? Well, if you repainted the walls in your home then you certainly need to clean the paint rollers you used, right? Cleaning them after every use will help with their lifespan and you would be able to use them for a very long time which is something I always recommend.

Usually, removing paint from a roller isn’t that hard and won’t take that long if you do it immediately but sometimes this is not possible. If you are painting an entire wall or a whole room you will dip in the paint more than once which means that there will be some paint on the brush will dry and will harden.

So how can you clean a paint roller?

Scrape the excess

This is the first thing you need to do. Cleaning a roller which is dripping in paint will be extremely hard. Instead, start with scraping the excess either into the paint tray or in a bucket.

You can also get a roller cleaning tool which is meant to fit tightly around the roller which will make the scraping part extremely easy for you.


What type of paint did you use? Latex paint or an oil-based one? This will determine how to rinse it.

If you used latex paint you can use water to rinse. If possible – use a hose.

If you used oil-based paint then you certainly can’t use water. Instead, you need mineral spirits or turpentine.

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