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How To Remove Rust From Any Surface Using Vinegar?

I just love vinegar. I use it whenever I clean my home and make my own DIY cleaners. And for a few months now I have been also using it to remove rust from all sorts of surfaces.

Of course, I will show you exactly how I use it in this article so you can learn how to get rid of rust easily!

How To Remove Rust From Metal?

Start off with soaking the item in vinegar for a few minutes. If the rust is very bad then I recommend you let it sit for 40-60 minutes. You can also add a bit of salt to the vinegar – it will speed up the magic!

Then grab some aluminum foil and start scrubbing the affected areas.

And once you remove the rust, it’s important to neutralize the acid. Do this by mixing one cup of baking soda in a bucket of water then soak the item in there for 10-20 minutes.

Then just rinse the item, dampen a cloth in rubbing alcohol and wipe the areas that had rust on them with it!

How to Remove Rust Stains from Carpets?

I told you that I use vinegar to remove rust from all kinds of surfaces – even a carpet!

Now, start off with scraping up as much rust as possible with a butter knife then vacuum the residue.

Next, pour a bit of white distilled vinegar straight onto the affected area and let it sit for at least 20 minutes before you blot with a cloth.

Let it air-dry then repeat as many times as necessary.

How to Remove Rust from Clothes?

The process is similar to the one I use for a carpet.

Scrape off the rust with a butter knife then shake off the excess. Pour vinegar over the affected area then scrub with a brush (I tend to use old toothbrushes).

Then let the stain soak for an hour or so in vinegar before you rinse with water. Let it air-dry and repeat if necessary.

And finally – wash the clothing item as usual!

How To Remove Nail Polish From A Carpet?

You painted your nails and you accidentally spilled some of the nail polish on your carpet? Please, don’t panic because you can easily remove it – you just need to know which steps to take. And because I have spilled nail polish on my carpet many times before I know exactly what you need to do – and I am going to teach you in this article!

Is The Nail Polish Dry Or Wet?

Before we continue with the removal of the nail polish, you need to determine whether the stain is wet or dry.

I definitely recommend you immediately blot the nail polish with a paper towel as soon as you spill it and before it starts to dry because that way the removal will be easier. Of course, do not rub or wipe the area because you will drive the nail polish further into the fabric – just gently blot.

If the nail polish has already dried, grab a butter knife and scrape as much of it as possible.

The Next Steps You Need To Take:

After you follow the previous steps, then it’s time to wet the area with cold water.

Then spray the stain with rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover (but one without acetone in it) and scrub the area with a toothbrush for a minute or so. Continue pouring cold water over the stain as you scrub.

Then blot the stained area with a white cloth. The stain should be gone by now, however, if it still remains – repeat the steps as many times as necessary.

How To Remove Grease From Kitchen Appliances?

The most difficult area of your home for cleaning has to be the kitchen, right? I know how hard it used to be for me to deep clean my kitchen. And only because of all the grease… If your appliances are covered in grease then you are most likely postponing cleaning them because you simply do not know how to do it. You have tried using different commercial cleaners yet you still had a hard time because you had to scrub for hours – and the grease still wouldn’t be removed all the way.

Well, it turns out that there is such an easy way to remove grease and deep clean your kitchen appliances – and it’s hidden in your kitchen cupboard. Yes, you need one household ingredient that I am certain you have that will completely transform your kitchen. And that ingredient is baking soda.

Yes, baking soda is extremely powerful in removing stains and bad odours. It’s also great in absorbing liquids as well as loosening grease.

In order to give this cleaning method a try, prepare your baking soda and a cloth. Dampen the cloth with water then sprinkle baking soda on it. Then it’s time to start scrubbing.

You can also use vinegar if you notice grease that is way too stubborn. Spray vinegar on the area then scrubs with the baking soda. That fizzing reaction is going to loosen up the grease making it easier to wipe after.

How To Easily Clean Slate Floors?

Slate floors can usually be found in kitchens since it’s durable and looks really beautiful. It’s a bit more expensive than other typical floors but it’s worth the price because the maintenance is super easy. In fact, you don’t even need any cleaners or detergents – the only thing you need is warm water and a high-quality microfiber mop!

How To Easily Clean Slate Floors?

First, I want to start off with what to avoid doing:

– Using acidic cleaners (like vinegar)

Acidic cleaners like vinegar will damage the stone so make sure you stay away from it. If you find any DIY recipe on the internet for floor cleaners and you see that it contains vinegar – do not do it, it’s not worth it!

– Using scrub brushes

Another thing you need to avoid is using scrub brushes because they will scratch your expensive floors. All you need is a mop or a microfiber cloth!

Now, let’s start cleaning. Vacuum your slate floors. That way you will remove most of the dirt, dust, and other impurities.

Next, simply fill a bucket with warm water grab your microfiber mop… and that’s literally everything you need!

If you feel like just water won’t be enough and you want to use a cleaner make sure you buy one that is designed for natural stones. Remember – stay away from acidic cleaners containing lemon, vinegar, bleach, etc.

If you want, you can also add a bit of rubbing alcohol in the bucket where you poured the warm water in. Rubbing alcohol is safe to be used on natural stones and it’s a great way to disinfect your flooring!

How To Deal With Common Carpet Stains And Remove Them Easily?

Carpet stains are extremely common – everyone that has a carpet has dealt with stains and their removal. Of course, some are way more stubborn than others which is why you need to know how to remove them.

If you just spilled red wine, please put down the paper towel and the liquid soap – it will only make the mess bigger. I will show you exactly how to remove red wine stains and other stubborn messes!

– Pet Accident

In those cases, you need to prepare club soda and pour a little bit on the affected area. Then blot with a paper towel.

Continue with spraying the stain with white distilled vinegar then sprinkling baking soda on top of that. That way, the odour will be absorbed by the baking soda. A few hours later, vacuum the area!

– How to remove gum?

If you accidentally dropped chewed gum on your carpet then you need to grab your hairdryer and a plastic bag. Turn on your hairdryer on low then heat the affected area. Press the plastic bag on top of the gum and continue applying heat. Next, slowly pull the bag away. The gum should have transferred onto the bag!

– Red wine

Red wine – one of the hardest stains to remove! Start off with blotting the area with a cloth then apply a small amount of water over the stained area and continue to blot. The water will dilute the red wine which will make it easier to remove.

Next, mix baking soda and water. Once both ingredients have prepared a paste, apply it over the stain and let it dry completely before you vacuum it up. Usually, this takes a few hours so be patient!

– Coffee

One of the most common stains on a carpet is indeed coffee stains. You will be amazed when I tell you how to remove coffee stains – you need an egg yolk. I know it sounds super strange, however, you need to try it out.

Beat an egg yolk then grab a cloth and work it in the stained area. Next, leave it for 5 minutes and rinse with a damp cloth!

How To Properly Deep Clean Your Kitchen This Spring?

It’s time for spring cleaning – and I am very excited. I love this time of year – everything wakes up. The trees, flowers, the good weather. Of course, I am not particularly excited about the cleaning, however, I know that it’s part of spring so I don’t focus on thinking about it – I just do it.

One of the hardest rooms in my home to deep clean has to be the kitchen because there are so many things that need to be cleaned – from all the appliances to the cupboards, I honestly spend an entire day just deep cleaning my kitchen.

Here Is How I Do It!

– I start off with the fridge

I hate cleaning the fridge which is why I force myself to do it first. I unplug it and wait for it to defrost for a few hours while I take out the food and check to see whether something is expired. I also place a towel on the ground, next to the door, so that my floor doesn’t suffer any water damage.

Next, I mix water and baking soda (in order to create a paste) and start scrubbing the interior of the fridge with it. It’s a bit time-consuming but it’s worth it. Not only will you remove any stains and impurities but all the bad odours will also be absorbed by the baking soda. Once I am finished, I remove the paste with a clean cloth.

To finish the cleaning and disinfect the fridge, I fill a spray bottle with vinegar and spray some on the interior (then I wipe it with a cloth).

– Next, I deep clean the oven

Another cleaning chore that I hate doing, however, needs to be done. If I have to be honest, I use one of the best cleaning hacks I learned a few years ago which saves me time and energy. I simply use… dishwasher tablets. Yes, they are amazing at removing all the burnt food, greasy stains, residue, and other impurities accumulated in my oven.

I simply fill a bowl with warm water, open my oven, dip the tablet in the water and start scrubbing the interior (and exterior) with the tablet. Once it gets dry – I dampen it again. Trust me – this cleaning method works amazing and will save you a lot of time.

– Then it’s time for the smaller appliances

Once I am done with the fridge and oven, it’s time to clean the smaller appliances – the microwave, the toaster, blender, coffee maker, and any other small appliance in my kitchen.

Also, I clean my dishwasher. I simply do it by filling a cup with vinegar, placing it on the top rack then running a hot cycle.

– Clean all cupboards

Next on my list is my cupboards. I take out everything then I clean them with my all-purpose cleaner. Before I place everything back in the cupboards, I throw all items that are expired or I won’t use.

– Clean the sink and countertop

Right before I clean the floors, I dust the kitchen countertop. Then I clean the sink. Sometimes, when you deep clean your home, you tend to forget about these simple tasks because you are focused on the big things – like deep cleaning the fridge.

– Finally, clean the floors

Last but not least I vacuum clean my floors then I mop them!

How To Clean Your Bathroom With Natural Ingredients?

Regardless of whether you hate cleaning your bathroom or you don’t mind it – you still have to do it. Maintaining our bathroom in spotless is extremely important for our health. If you want to try something new or you are tired of spending money on commercial cleaners then this article is for you.

I will teach you how you can easily clean your bathroom with only natural ingredients – no harsh or toxic chemicals. Not only that but you will be able to save some money since all these ingredients are quite inexpensive and chances are – you already have them in your kitchen cupboards.

Make A Bathtub Scrub

If you want to deep clean your bathtub then you would want to use a scrub. Thankfully, you can make one with just baking soda, a few drops of water, and your favourite essential oil.

Mix everything, scoop it with a scrub brush and cover your bathtub.

I want to share a secret with you. Sometimes I use a broom instead of a scrub brush because my back hurts. If you want, you can try out using both and see the results.

Once you are done scrubbing – rinse the bathtub.

Remove Hard Water Stains With Lemon

Hard water stains are normal and their removal is quite easy. All you need to do is cut a lemon in half then rub one half on the affected areas. Then let the juice sit for a few minutes and rinse with warm water. The last step? Dry the surface with a cloth to avoid more hard water stains from forming.

Make Your Own Glass Cleaner

If you want to clean the mirror in your bathroom (or the windows in your home) then follow these steps:

Mix 2 tablespoons of white vinegar, 2 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol, a tablespoon of cornstarch and a cup of water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and your natural glass cleaner is ready!

Make Your Own Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Simply mix a cup of vinegar with a few drops of your favourite essential oil. I like using lavender because it has antibacterial properties which come in handy when cleaning a toilet. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and use it to clean your toilet!

You Need To Start Using Vinegar As A Cleaner!

You have probably heard that vinegar is the perfect cleaner and disinfectant, right? Over the past couple of years, using natural ingredients has become popular and vinegar is the number one cleaning product everyone recommends. Of course, I put it to the test and started cleaning my home using vinegar for around a year and I must say – I will never buy a commercial cleaner anymore!

These cleaning hacks I have listed in this article have completely changed my life and I am sure they will change yours as well! Not only will you have a spotless home but you will also save a lot of money!

Use It As An All-Purpose Cleaner

I use vinegar as my all-purpose cleaner. It cleans, remove bad odours, and has antibacterial properties.

All I do is mix the vinegar with my favourite essential oil – lavender which also has antibacletial properties. I pour the mixture in a spray bottle and use it whenever I clean.

Use It To Clean Your Appliances

More specifically – your washing machine and dishwasher.

To clean my dishwasher, I add a cup of vinegar in the dishwasher and run an empty hot cycle.

To clean my washing machine, I pour a cup of vinegar where I normally place the laundry detergent and run an empty hot cycle.

These cleaning hacks will maintain your appliances disinfected, clean, and free of any impurities. You can use them once a month!

Use It To Remove Scratches From Wooden Furniture

Yes, you can use vinegar to remove scratches from wooden furniture – you don’t need to sand it out.

Simply mix one part of vinegar with three parts of olive oil, dampen a cloth with the mixture, and start wiping the affected areas.

Use It To Clean Your Toilet

I perform one of the most hated cleaning chores by using vinegar.

I simply pour the vinegar in my toilet, let it sit for a few minutes then flush.

Use It To Make A Powerful Cleaner

You can clean your bathroom, kitchen, and even your floors by following this simple yet effective recipe:

  • Prepare distilled white vinegar, a lemon, and water
  • Mix one part of the vinegar with two parts of water and the juice of a lemon
  • Pour it in a spray bottle and use it when needed.

How To Spring Clean When You Don’t Have A Lot Of Time

Spring cleaning means deep cleaning the entire house top to bottom which usually requires a lot of time. But we all live such busy lifestyles and we barely have the free time to devote to spring cleaning, right? However, this does not mean that we should skip it and never deep clean our homes. In fact, this is so important for our health and well-being that we need to figure out how to fit it into our schedule.

I myself am extremely busy but I still manage to find the time to spring clean my home – and here are all my secrets!

How To Manage Spring Cleaning When You Are Busy

– You Don’t Need To Do Everything In One Day

This is something I figured out last year when I exhausted myself so much that I got sick because of it. I was so busy that the only free time I had was when I was supposed to sleep – so I pulled an all-nighter in order to manage deep cleaning the entire home. The next day I was so exhausted and I couldn’t focus on my responsibilities.

This is exactly why you need to remember that you don’t need to do everything in one day. That is right – you can deep clean your home throughout the week by focusing on certain small tasks each day.

For example, I divide all the deep cleaning tasks I have. Monday I focus on deep cleaning my appliances, Tuesday I focus on deep cleaning my bathroom, etc.

– Finish One Task Before Moving To The Next One

Don’t be all over the place – mopping the floors one minute than wiping the counters the next before you have even finished the first task. Instead, complete one task then move on to the next one.

I know that deep cleaning your home looks like so much work but you don’t need to overwhelm yourself by multitasking – there is time for everything!

– Call For Help

If you don’t live alone than there is no excuse for the other members of the family to not help you. Things will get done so much faster when more than one person is checking things off of your cleaning list.

If you have a spouse – let them help you. If you have a kid – tell them to do smaller and easier tasks like wiping the dust.

A Simple Recipe For An All-Purpose Cleaner Without Vinegar

Making your own all-purpose cleaner is extremely easy and it has a lot of benefits. Using natural ingredients to clean your home will save you a ton of money and it will also calm down your allergies. Why? Due to the harsh chemicals and strong scents in commercial cleaners. In fact, this is why I started making my own cleaners in the first place – because my allergies went out of control!

If you are wondering whether natural ingredients will be able to clean your home as good as commercial cleaners then the answer is YES if you use the proper ingredients.

How will you know whether you use the right ingredients? Well, I will teach you!

Why I Don’t Use Vinegar?

If you have seen different recipes for cleaners then you know most of them have vinegar in them. While vinegar is an amazing cleaner (And disinfectant) I can’t deal with the smell which is why I avoid it at all cost. Whenever I clean my home I do not want it to smell like vinegar – and I am sure you don’t want that either!

How To Make A Powerful All-Purpose Cleaner?

You need hydrogen peroxide 3%, lavender essential oil, lemon essential oil, and peppermint essential oil.

Now, combine 2 cups of the hydrogen peroxide with a few drops from each essential oil. I like using these specific essential oils because the lavender and the peppermint have antibacterial properties. And the lemon is because I love the smell of lemon!

Pour the mixture in a spray bottle. If you want to use this all-purpose cleaner as a disinfectant then you can. Simply spray the surface you will clean and leave the liquid for a few minutes before you wipe it with a cloth!

How To Easily Remove Chalk Stains?

One of your kids’ favourite activity is most likely drawing with chalk, right? I mean, we all have done it when we were little, however, there is one huge downfall to this activity – the stains chalk leaves on clothes.

Of course, these stains can be removed and you don’t need to use any fancy cleaners or stain removers. I will teach you the exact steps you need to follow when removing chalk stains from clothing.

If your kid doesn’t only like drawing with the chalk outdoors then you most likely need to know how to remove chalk stains from furniture as well – so I will show you how to do that as well!

How To Remove Chalk Stains From Clothes?

The first thing you need to do is shake the clothing item a bit. You can also brush off the chalk dust with a brush. But remember – do this step outside so that you don’t spread the dust inside your home.

Once you have removed the excess chalk dust you need to treat the stain. You need some rubbing alcohol to do so. Dip a cloth in the alcohol and blot the stained area. Once you are done rinse the clothing item.

By now, the stain should be removed, however, if it still remains – grab your laundry detergent and apply it on the stain. Rub it in with your fingers and let it sit for 10 minutes then wash as usual.

How To Remove Chalk Stains From Upholstery/ Carpet?

Since I have never dealt with chalk stains on carpet or upholstery I wanted to speak to experts before I gave you any advice on removing it. I contacted Carpet Cleaning Liverpool since I have used their services in the past and I know that they are experts in cleaning upholstered furniture and carpets. Here is what they had to tell me:

– Use a vacuum cleaner

In order to remove the excess chalk dust you need to use your vacuum cleaner.

– Grab your liquid soap

Then treat the stain with liquid soap. Start off with mixing a tablespoon of the liquid soap with two cups of cold water then dip a sponge in the mixture and blot the stained area.

– Then rinse the area

Once the stain is fully removed you need to remove the soapy mixture from the fabric. Do that by blotting with a damp cloth.

Want to make your own floor cleaner? Here is the best DIY recipe on the internet!

In my home I don’t have any carpets – it’s all hardwood flooring which to be quite honest is way easier to maintain clean.

A long time ago I had carpeted floors but I decided that they trap way too much dirt, dust, and all sorts of impurities. I was spending money left and right for different commercial cleaners, cleaning companies, and etc. Also, I was always worried that I would spill something and would make stains which are hard to remove. That is why I decided to switch to hardwood flooring and I am so glad I did that!

I also completely switched my cleaning routine. I used to buy different commercial cleaners which I would dilute in water and will mop, however, I was never fully satisfied by the outcome. That is when I decided I would start making my own cleaner. I have tried out many different recipes until I found this one – now, it’s all I use (and my vacuum cleaner, of course)!

How to make it!

You need a teaspoon of castile soap, 4 cups of water, 10 drops of your favourite essential oil, and a spray bottle!

I mix everything in a big spray bottle and shake well before use!

Since hardwood floors do not like water I avoid using too much of the cleaner because otherwise, the floor will soak up the water which can cause damage. I spray small areas at a time and clean them then I move to the next.

You would also need a dry microfiber mop (I don’t dampen my mop in water before cleaning). After spraying a certain area of the floor with my cleaner I wipe it with the mop. And I repeat that until I have covered every area of my hardwood floors!

Here is how to clean your paint rollers

Had some renovations done lately? Well, if you repainted the walls in your home then you certainly need to clean the paint rollers you used, right? Cleaning them after every use will help with their lifespan and you would be able to use them for a very long time which is something I always recommend.

Usually, removing paint from a roller isn’t that hard and won’t take that long if you do it immediately but sometimes this is not possible. If you are painting an entire wall or a whole room you will dip in the paint more than once which means that there will be some paint on the brush will dry and will harden.

So how can you clean a paint roller?

Scrape the excess

This is the first thing you need to do. Cleaning a roller which is dripping in paint will be extremely hard. Instead, start with scraping the excess either into the paint tray or in a bucket.

You can also get a roller cleaning tool which is meant to fit tightly around the roller which will make the scraping part extremely easy for you.


What type of paint did you use? Latex paint or an oil-based one? This will determine how to rinse it.

If you used latex paint you can use water to rinse. If possible – use a hose.

If you used oil-based paint then you certainly can’t use water. Instead, you need mineral spirits or turpentine.

Start cleaning your mattress with a steam cleaner!

Do you neglect cleaning your mattress? Is it the last thing on your to-do list? Or maybe this chore isn’t even in your to-do list?

Don’t feel left out because this is very common. People don’t really think of their mattress but, unfortunately, it needs to be cleaned just like anything else in your home.

Similar to other upholstery, mattresses are huge magnets for dirt, dust, germs, body-liquids, and all sorts of other impurities that will not only shorten the lifespan of the mattress but it will make it smell bad. It’s extremely unhygienic to not remove all of those impurities and it can even have some negative effects on your health like experiencing skin problems, rashes.

But what is the best way to clean and disinfect your mattress?

There are some good new – a mattress only requires to be cleaned a few times a year which makes this cleaning chore not that annoying, right?

There are so many different trips, tricks, and hacks on the internet that mainly use natural ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, etc. but if I have to be honest I think there is something way more effective, easy, and less time-consuming that you can do.

It’s actually what the professional cleaning companies are using to clean upholstery, carpets, and mattresses. It’s called steam cleaning and it’s an amazing method to not only extract all of the accumulated impurities but to remove all of the bacteria leaving the mattress clean, fresh, and disinfected. It is also probably the best way to remove stains and nasty odours.

There are many steam cleaners out there for you to choose from. I suggest you invest in one because you can use it all around your home to clean and disinfect your floors, carpets, rugs, sofa, upholstery, and… your mattress!

How to avoid pests in your home?

Pests are one of these things that you never know when will strike your home – anything from rats, mice, cockroaches, ants are all terrible things that no one wants in their house. Not only is it disgusting to have them in your home but they are known to spread numerous infections and deadly bacteria. No one wants to feel threatened in their own home, right?

If you have such problems you should immediately call pest control and have them professionally deal with the problem. But there are some little things you can do to avoid pests and not have to call for professional help. Want to ensure a healthy home environment and not worry? I have gathered a list of things you should do regularly.

– Clean your bathroom and kitchen

Never neglect your bathroom or kitchen. Maintaining the hygiene and the clean state at all times is very important when you want to avoid pests. Dirty places are a great breeding ground for pests. Make sure you clean your bathroom and kitchen often, never leave food lying around for a long time, disinfect counters, baths, showers, sinks, etc.

If it seems like you can’t find the time to take care of the clean state of your home you might want to consider calling a cleaning company to take care of your problems.

If you have carpets you are probably aware that they are the number one magnet for any type of germs and dirt. They should be professionally steam cleaned at least once a year which will ensure that your living space is fully clean. Carpet Cleaning Manchester are experts in the cleaning fields and they specialize in Carpet Cleaning.

– Don’t keep fruits and vegetables out

Always store fruits and vegetables somewhere and never leave them on the counter for long. They attract a lot of insects – for starters fruit flies, ants, and even cockroaches and spiders are attracted by food.

– Throw the trash regularly

A big thing that attracts pests is garbage. If you don’t throw trash on a regular basis you will most likely deal with them at some point.

Why are McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines Always Broken

It’s absolutely terrible when you go to McDonald’s and the only thing you want at the moment is to grab a McFlurry – and it always seems like you can’t.

You have most likely noticed that each time you try to get ice cream the machine is broken. But do you know that this actually isn’t true? Very rarely will the machine be actually broken – in most cases the McDonald’s employees are lying to the customers.

Why are they doing this?

The machines take very long to be cleaned and it’s not the easiest of tasks. Seriously, they can take up to four hours to get sanitized and this needs to be done every single day.

When they are in the process of being cleaned – these four hours that I am talking about, they can’t be used. A lot of the times employees are busy with customers so they don’t have the time to pay attention to the ice cream machines and actually clean them.

So yes, lying to the customers and saying that the machines are broken is a lot easier than saying they are lazy.

McDonald’s management said that they will replace each machine so that their maintenance will be a lot easier and not that time-consuming but this is a process that still hasn’t been completed.

Something that an employee shared on Reddit was that she worked in McDonald’s for a year and a half and the machine was actually broken only once.

We can all hope that the new machines will be replaced faster so that whoever wants a McFlurry can enjoy it and not be left disappointed.

What is the easiest way to clean our dishwashers?

Dishwashers are such an amazing invention, don’t you agree? Everyone appreciates a little help with the annoying little domestic things such as dishes, forks, and knives. Especially, when the machine cleans instead of you.
Remember all the times you had all of your family members over for dinner or that time all of your kids’ football teammates came for a party? Who was there helping you with all the piled up dishes and cups? Your dishwasher, right? I mean is it even humanly possible to clean all of these dirty plates?
But I am here to kill the fun and remind you that you need to return the favor and clean your favorite kitchen item as well. These amazing inventions need to be taken care of too. Such a bummer, I know. Don’t worry though… I can reassure you that they are low maintenance and indeed are very easy to clean.

All you need are four items that you already have:

1)Small scrub brush.


3)Baking soda

4)Rubber gloves.

  • The first thing you can do of course is to clean the exterior of the dishwasher. I use glass cleaner for this. The only advice I have is to spray a paper towel with the glass cleaner rather than spraying directly onto the surface since you can damage the electronic controls.
  • The next step is to clean the filter. Pull out the bottom rack and remove the filter. Clean that in the sink with a soaked sponge in vinegar. After doing that you should check for gunk or food that’s trapped in the spray arm.
  • The third thing I recommend is to run a cycle with vinegar. Fill your dishwasher container with a cup of vinegar and place it on the top rack. Now run a cycle while the rest of the dishwasher is empty. This really helps with removing strange odors help dissolve old detergent and mineral deposits that have built up.

Bonus tip: If you still aren’t fully satisfied with the result you can add a cup of baking soda to the bottom and run a short cycle with hot water. Once this is complete the dishwasher should be completely clean and odorless.

If after everything you did you still aren’t happy with the result you can run a cycle with bleach. I would only recommend this if your dishwasher has a stainless steel interior. Otherwise, it will corrode and stain your dishwasher. Only do this if you have problems with mold and mildew. Add a cup or a cup and a half in the bottom of the dishwasher and run a full cycle.

The next best thing in your kitchen that needs to be taken care of is the oven.

One trick you can use that’s similar to the dishwasher one is the baking soda and the vinegar. Just empty the oven, make a baking soda paste that includes water and… well baking soda. Coat that all over the inside of the oven and let it sit overnight. The next day wipe out the oven with a damp dishcloth. Spray a little vinegar that will react with the leftover baking soda. After the process wipe everywhere with a damp cloth.

Washing your over is a bit more complicated than the dishwasher. It’s a lot harder. The baking soda and vinegar method is effective but not for long. I really recommend that once every couple of months you maybe reach out to a professional cleaning service to clean your oven. It’s somewhat expensive, around £49 but it’s so worth it. And it expends the life of your oven so in the long run.

Biggest Advantages of Steam Carpet Cleaning


Having carpets around your house can create a really cosy feeling. However, maintaining them in a clean condition is of a great importance as carpeting is the favourite place of many bacteria and microorganisms. Steam carpet cleaning has become one of the most preferred carpeting cleaning methods in more recent years since it offers many benefits.

What exactly is steam carpet cleaning

Steam-Cleaning-CarpetSteam cleaning is often referred to as deep cleaning. This method consists of two main stages – pre-spraying and the actual steam cleaning. Both of them require the use of special equipment. Once the process is finished, the carpet must be left to dry out on its own for about 3-4 hours.


What are its advantages

The best benefit you will enjoy with this technique is that it is very effective. It will eliminate nearly all of the bacteria, dirt and dust which are hidden in the fibres. In addition, when done right, it equally treats every inch of the carpet. It is often a top choice for carpeting in high-traffic areas in a home.

Deep steam cleaning is also perfect for people who suffer from allergies or any respiratory diseases or for families with pets and children since it is health-friendly. The reason for this is that in most of the cases it relies on not on chemical products, but on water, steam and soap.

Another great advantage is that this is the easiest and fastest way to eliminate mould from a carpet. The super-high temperature of the steam is even more effective than professional cleaning chemicals. So, if you are living in a damp environment or you have carpets close to your bathroom or toilet, simply use the power of steam.

If you are worried about the final price, you will be happy to hear that this type of carpet sanitisation is quite affordable. Unlike dry carpet cleaning, you will not need to pay for chemical supplies and other products. All you will need is water, soap and electricity. That is why it is also quite eco-friendly.

Can you do it alone

As it was already mentioned, to use this technique you will need to have access to specialised machines and tools. The good news is that finding them will not cost you much time or efforts since this is the most effective and popular method for treating carpeting for dirt, germs and dust. You have three main options – to book a professional team of cleaners, as well as to buy or hire the necessary cleaning equipment. If you do not have experience using such machines, you should better leave this job to trained cleaners. Otherwise, you may damage the structure of the floor covering. Also, if there any stains or spots that require additional treatment, you may need to use another kit of tools and products. That may sound like a disadvantage, but given the excellent results it offers, the steam cleaning method can do wonders for your carpets in a short amount of time.

Make that stainless steel sparkle

Stainless Steel CleaningStainless steel is found everywhere in your kitchen – from the appliances to the drawers and cabinets. Keeping it in a perfectly clean condition is the key to have a magnificently looking kitchen. Even though it may sound like a pretty hard job, you are going to need help from professional cleaners for that task only in extreme cases. For the daily maintenance of your stainless steel surfaces, you will only have to follow several simple steps.

  • If you want to use cleaning products for the job, make sure that you choose the right ones.Chemical cleaners, powders and pads could be pretty harsh to your stainless steel surfaces.When you are at the supermarket buying cleaning products, read the labels carefully – the ones you choose should not contain chlorine or bleach, because they cause irreparable damage to the finish of your stainless steel surfaces.
  • Since homemade solutions are always cheaper, more accessible and in many cases equally effective as the commercially produced ones, you should know what would be best for your stainless steel. Vinegar, which has many applications in the household, is the answer to all your problems. White vinegar in a spray bottle works just as fine as any chemical cleaning product that you can think of.
  • No matter whether you have a thorough kitchen cleaning underway, or you are just going to clean the stainless steel there, you should make sure to have a good supply of micro-fiber cloths.In contrast to paper towels for example, micro-fiber does not contain any lint, so it will not cause scratches on your surfaces.
  • In order to avoid streaking, you have to use wide circular motions to wipe your stainless steel surfaces. First apply your cleaning solution (no matter whether it is a commercial one, or just vinegar) and let it stay for a minute so that it has time to absorb. Then use the micro-fiber cloth and wipe it in the way described.
  • When you have to fight a serious case of greasing, rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol is your thing. Just wet the cloth with the alcohol and wipe the greased area, moving in one direction (up and down, or left and right).
  • Applying baking soda on a stainless steel surface with burnt on food or other heavy-duty dirt for 20 minutes and then wiping it with a damp cloth is the best thing to do.


Get rid of those allergens – by cleaning

allergens cleaningThe only way to ensure that your household is an allergen-free zone is to never make compromises with your regular home cleaning duties. There are three areas in your home that you have to pay special attention to in order to avoid allergen invasion. They are:

1) Kitchen

All garbage is to be stored in a garbage can and regularly disposed of. An easy way for prevention is to never forget to turn on the exhaust fan above the stove when you are cooking, so that any fumes are absorbed. Make sure that the fan’s filters are in good condition. The fridge is another spot in your kitchen where allergens in the form of molds are formed. At least once a week you should carefully clean the fridge and never let any moisture stay in it.

2) Bedroom

There are bedbug and dust mite covers you can use in order to protect your bed and pillows. All bed sheets and blankets are to be cleaned in hot water at least once a week –thus the bugs and bacteria stand no chance. Carpets in the bedroom, as well as in any other area in your home, are not advised, since carpet cleaning is a laborious job. It would be much better to replace your carpets with hardwood floors. If you insist on keeping the carpet in your bedroom, you should vacuum it as often as possible.

3) Bathroom

Do not think for even a second about keeping carpets or any sort of rugs in your bathroom. Vinyl and tile are the best flooring solutions for this particular place in your home. Any fabrics you might have in the bathroom are to be carefully washed in hot water at least once a week – just like the bed sheets and blankets in the bedroom, so that bacteria and allergens that start forming in them are removed. Mold resistant shower liner is a must in every bathroom, but even if you have one, make sure to use a cleaning product that prevents mold formation every time you take a shower. The last thing you should do here is to check often under the sink and the toilet for mold on the plumbing fixture. If there is any – clean it.

Of course, if you do not have the time or the energy to do all those house cleaning tasks on your own, check who your local professional cleaners are and give them a call.

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The way to de-clutter your household

houshold cleaningClutter is the greatest enemy to the comfort in your home. For that reason you should find a way to fight it constantly and efficiently. It is not that hard. Just like home cleaning, all that de-cluttering takes is some discipline (or a good professional cleaning company that you can count on to regularly do the job for you in case you would rather save yourself the strain).

As we have already had the chance to say, the key to efficient de-cluttering is to do it often. If you want to have a clean and tidy home, do not wait for the last minute to start cleaning or arranging the objects in it. Make a habit to clean on spot spills when they occur, and whenever you use some item – an appliance, or a book, or the TV’s remote, just put it back to its right place when you are finished with it.

Another thing you can do which will help you in the battle with clutter is when you go about your business at home, put one thing in its right place while you are moving. Don’t look for the object in question – grab the first you see out of place.

Unnecessary items are the basic cause for clutter in one’s home. Do not wait for the big-time Spring cleaning in order to get rid of them. Collect bills that are already paid, magazines and newspapers you have already read and throw them away once in a week or so. When summer approaches, store yours and your family’s winter clothes in a place where they will not be in the way. You get the picture. Now the only thing left is to start doing it. Making a habit is the best way to efficient de-cluttering.

You can also get your kids to help you. Make the whole endeavor a game – give them 20 minutes to put as many items in your home in their right places, and then award them. After a while, they are going to start doing that without any form of stimulation.

The last thing you can do in order to further accommodate your de-cluttering experience is to combine it with regular home cleaning. Clean your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and general areas in accordance to a schedule you follow strictly and you are going to notice that clutter somehow magically disappears. Does it sound easy and hassle-free? That’s because it actually is.

Article by: Carpet Cleaning Surrey



Cleaning metal the easy way

Metal Cleaning

By Cleaning Services London

Copper-bottomed pots, candlesticks and metal pans, faucets in the bathroom and kitchen – all those metal objects that are an integral part of your home, are at the same time very hard to clean. Or at least, you cannot clean them in the same way like you do with the rest of your household. Fortunately, there are some pretty simple methods that would definitely ensure your successes in cleaning metalwork of any kind – with no stress, strain or hassle whatsoever on your part.

  • The best cleaning solution for metal objects, especially kitchenware is a mix of white vinegar and salt. Wet the surface of the pan or pot you want to get cleaned, then sprinkle the above mentioned ingredients and scrub the surface well, until all tarnish is gone from it.

  • The same result can be achieved by using an old and pretty simple method. All you need is… a lemon. Cut the lemon in half, take one of the slices and sprinkle salt on it. Use the prepared tool for scrubbing your metal items well until all grease, stains and dirt are gone. You will not be able to achieve a better result with any cloth or sponge you will find on the market.

  • Metal CleaningWax drippings are hard to remove from candlesticks. Or rather, it seems nearly impossible to get rid of them without damaging the finish of the item. If you thought this to be a universal truth, think again. Just get the candlestick in question and put in the freezer for ten to fifteen minutes. Once the wax is frozen, it can easily be removed – with no damage done whatsoever.

  • Calcium buildups on the faucets in your kitchen and bathroom are inevitable. But they are also not such a pleasant view, so it is better to remove them as quickly as possible. You can do that with ease by simply using a lemon halt or wedge and rub the flesh side of it against the stain which needs treating. For starters, you will get rid of them, and your faucets will even smell good.

As you can see, cleaning metal is not something to be scared of. It can be done quickly and easily, in case you are equipped with the right knowledge and several simple tools of trade. You can have perfectly clean metal kitchenware in no time using the methods described above. If you need professional help with all that and you live in London you also have the option of visiting London Oven Cleaners and leave all the stress from cleaning by yourself behind.

Save time cleaning your bedroom

Bedroom CleaningIt would come as no surprise if you pay little attention to the process of cleaning your bedroom. After all, you spent quite a little time there and when you are thoroughly cleaning your home, you like most people, probably leave it for last – meaning that you have neither the time, energy or will to invest much effort into cleaning it.

Fortunately, there are several shortcuts that if followed will enable you to finish the bedroom cleaning process quicker and up to more satisfactory results. They are easy, so why not make use of them?

  • First of all, plug in your vacuum and after you are finished with the floors – it will not take more than a couple of minutes, clean the area under the bed too. Thus you will prevent the formation of dust bunnies and you will have a much cleaner and healthier sleeping environment.

  • Regularly throw away any items that do not belong in the bedroom like empty perfume bottles or used tickets. Do not wait for them to pile up. Instead of doing this only once on your weekly cleaning day, throw away those unnecessary objects that clutter your bedroom when you get up in the morning – it takes no effort, and at the same time it will save you a lot of it when you get down to work cleaning and tidying up the bedroom.

  • If you are a bedtime reader, put back all books on the shelves after finishing them, instead of letting them pile up on the night stand.

  • Bedroom CleaningIt is only natural that from time to time you have to hurry. In those cases thorough vacuuming is out of the question. This does not mean you should abandon the process all together. Go over only the curtains, blinds and the headboard of your bed (if it has an upholstered attachment). Thus you will not allow dust to accumulate in your bedroom and you will save yourself a lot of trouble.

  • Last but not least, make sure your bed is made every morning, even if you think you will not have time to prepare yourself for work. The truth is that it takes no more than a minute, and when you get back home in the evening, you will thank yourself for making that effort.

Following these simple steps recommended from the best cleaners London has, ensures that your bedroom will be in a perfect condition at any time.