A Simple Recipe For An All-Purpose Cleaner Without Vinegar

Making your own all-purpose cleaner is extremely easy and it has a lot of benefits. Using natural ingredients to clean your home will save you a ton of money and it will also calm down your allergies. Why? Due to the harsh chemicals and strong scents in commercial cleaners. In fact, this is why I started making my own cleaners in the first place – because my allergies went out of control!

If you are wondering whether natural ingredients will be able to clean your home as good as commercial cleaners then the answer is YES if you use the proper ingredients.

How will you know whether you use the right ingredients? Well, I will teach you!

Why I Don’t Use Vinegar?

If you have seen different recipes for cleaners then you know most of them have vinegar in them. While vinegar is an amazing cleaner (And disinfectant) I can’t deal with the smell which is why I avoid it at all cost. Whenever I clean my home I do not want it to smell like vinegar – and I am sure you don’t want that either!

How To Make A Powerful All-Purpose Cleaner?

You need hydrogen peroxide 3%, lavender essential oil, lemon essential oil, and peppermint essential oil.

Now, combine 2 cups of the hydrogen peroxide with a few drops from each essential oil. I like using these specific essential oils because the lavender and the peppermint have antibacterial properties. And the lemon is because I love the smell of lemon!

Pour the mixture in a spray bottle. If you want to use this all-purpose cleaner as a disinfectant then you can. Simply spray the surface you will clean and leave the liquid for a few minutes before you wipe it with a cloth!

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